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Provisional Program

 June 30th

900-930 Registration
930-940 Introduction
940-1110 David Papineau Kinds of Kinds and Kinds of Sciences
1110-1130 Break
1130-1220 Irene Olivero Towards a unified account of the semantics of natural, artifactual and social kind terms
1220-1310 David Ludwig Naturalness vs. Social Critique? The Case of “Woman”
1310-1430 Lunch
1430-1520 Marco Viola Multiply Realizabiltiy within the Standard Ontological Framework of Cognitive Neuroscience
1520-1610 Joe Dewhurst Natural kinds and folk kinds in the psychological sciences
1610-1700 Emiliano Loria Preverbal human Infants’ concepts of natural kinds and artifact kinds. Does the natural pedagogy social learning mechanism mesh the Psychological essentialism?
1700-1720 Break
1720-1810 Marco Fenici Naturalism about mindreading? A discussion of ontological and empirical alternatives
1830-2000 Tour of the historical center
2000 Dinner

 July 1st 

900-1030 Andrea Borghini De Principiis Generum Naturalium
1030-1120 Davide Serpico What kind of kind is intelligence?
1120-1140 Break
1140-1220 Zdenka Brzović Natural and practical kinds in psychiatry: the case of psychopathy
1220-1310 Kirsten Brukamp Diseases in the Philosophy and Theory of Medicine and Health Care: Natural or Social Kinds?
1310-1430 Lunch
1430-1520 Guglielmo Feis Taxonomizing the Social World: Searlean “Social Ontology” as an Ontology of Kinds
1520-1610 Edoardo Fregonese Three social “things”: Subjects, objects and institutions
1610-1700 Marco Fasoli A high-order taxonomy of cognitive techniques
1700-1720 break
1720-1850 John Dupré Processes, Organisms and Kinds
1850 Closing remarks
2000 Dinner